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Product Design, Prototyping, Packaging, Manufacture

Trinity ZERO

We designed and developed ZERO with Mark Folker, owner of Trinity Coffee. ZERO is the coffee press with purpose, made with 30% less materials than other press alternatives.

ZERO can brew high-quality espresso and filter style coffee anywhere. Our design has no single use components, making it as handy as it is environmentally friendly :)

ZERO is a patented coffee press, creating a stronger coffee, in a shorter time. The easiest press to 'pick up and play', and the most compact and portable, so you can take it anywhere - from home to the highest peaks.

Trinity Coffee Co. Instagram.

Trinity ZERO.

Trinity ZERO Press Trinity ZERO Press Trinity ZERO Press Trinity ZERO Press Trinity ZERO Press
Product Design, Prototyping


We have been working with Tooletries since 2016 - where has 5 years gone! It's been a pleasure to be a key part of the team, and to have watched and assisted Tooletries grow from a start-up into a multi-million $ company with 10 staff and their own warehouse!

Could they have done it without us? Yeh probably. But still, checkout some amazing work we've done for them over the years :-)

Most products you see on the Tooletries website, we were instrumental in the ideation, design and development of.

Visit Tooletries.

Tooletries Soap Tray Duke Tooletries Soap Tray Duke Tooletries Body Scrubber Tooletries Soap Tray Duke Tooletries 4 in 1 Tile Series
Branding, Product Design, Prototyping, Manufacture

Delter Coffee Press

Delter Coffee came to us with an idea to reinvent home brewed specialty coffee with a clever twist on the various 'press' methods of coffee making.

Over a rapid fire 4 months we designed Delter Coffee Press (DCP), with the novel invention of the "Jet Seal" that allowed us to completely control agitation and extract coffee through what we coined 'injection brewing'.

In late 2018, DCP was successfully funded on Kickstarter with $35,585 raised. The coffee industry is buzzing over this new take on home brewing. Be sure to check it out some more through the links below! To date over 40,000 units sold!

From the Good Design Awards Jury:

"A highly innovative and functional product that is a joy to use. Cleaning and maintenance have been carefully considered. Overall, this is a neat piece of design that is very portable and opens up a whole new user experience in personalized coffee making. Well done."

Delter Coffee Instagram.

Delter Coffee Website.

Delter Coffee Press Awards Delter Coffee Press hero Delter Coffee Press on table Delter Coffee Press extracting
Product Design, Prototyping, Manufacture

Little Lunch Box Co.

Chantal was inspired to reinvent the Lunch Box - starting with something amazingly fun and functional for Kids.

We worked with Little Lunch Box Co. to develop the whole range from concept through 12 months of development, prototyping, testing, testing, testing and finally manufacturing the range which is available now for purchase.

If you have Kids, you may want to check these out.

Visit Little Lunch Box Co.

LLBC Lunch Box Cloud Collage LLBC Lunch Box Batman LLBC Lunch Box Bento 5 LLBC Lunch Box Watermelon
Product Design, Brand, Manufacture

Spot X - Underwater Vision

We worked with Marcus to create the world’s first purpose built underwater housing enabling live underwater video streaming from GoPro® camera's.

Designed to exacting dimensions to operate beautifully at a range of underwater depths, angles and built to withstand the harshest ocean environments and conditions.

We also created a killer logo to match the Spot X identity:

Spot X Logo

Visit Spot X

Spot X squid Hero Spot X squid rear Spot X squid underwater Spot X squid boat
Product Design, Brand

Duzzi Motorcycles

We helped Duzzi re-design the sub-frame, tail guard and seat structures for their new 'Chopper'conversion range.

We also created their new brand identity to fit with the spirit of their products and target market.

Duzzi Logo
Duzzi conversion hero
Product Design, Brand, Web Design, Manufacture


We developed all of Hologramer's products from scratch. Entirely unqiue, innovative NESPRESSO Capsule Displays

We also created an edgy brand identity...

Hologramer logo
Capsule Vase square Nespresso Capsule Kong hero Nespresso Capsule Slide Nespresso
Product Design

Expozure for iPAD

Andrew and Jacob from Marboys Pty Ltd gave us the task of designing an accessory for iPad that would redefine the tablet experience on a work site.

Elegant + rugged, light + powerful, portable + functional.

We delivered 10 outstanding concepts each delivering an entirely unique take on iPad protection in the construction industry.

iPad Air Case concept D iPad Air Case concept B iPad Air Case concept C